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       Ken's debut album of original songs

              "MAKE A DIFFERENCE"





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The Road to Discovery

Ken Bascue is a trained vocalist and songwriter who began his musical voyage as a young teen.  Originally from Schenectady, NY, Ken moved to Manhattan in the early '80s after tragically losing his parents in a car accident.  His mother was a church soloist with a hauntingly beautiful soprano voice and was an inspiration to Ken as a child.

In 1983 Ken began training at the Singers Forum in Manhattan with Andy Anselmo and John Harris.  He was then groomed by veteran nightclub entertainer, Johnny King.  Ken went on to entertain as Johnny's protégé at the Granit Hotel and at various nightclubs and dinner theaters in and around NYC.  Ken has also appeared and performed on The Margarita Pracatan Show, The Dr. and the Diva, and Manhattan's, Jazz Corner.
Keeping a Corporate America day job in the city as a Conference Coordinator held a roof over his head and paid the bills...but all through his early years, he was writing songs with hopes of someday recording an album. 
Recently, Ken's dear friend Kimberley Locke (of American Idol fame) gave Ken an out-of-this-world Christmas gift!  It was studio time to begin recording again, because years had passed, due to his focus and dedication to his day job, he'd almost let this dream die forever.  And, as if that wasn't enough to thrill him to death, she then featured him singing in the "Dreams Come True" episode of her new television show, The Dr. and the Diva!  Imagine how fantastic to perform with Kimberley on national TV and to talk about the importance of pursuing a lifelong dream.  Ken was ecstatic!
This inspired Ken to start a collaboration with JC Santalis of Raw Recording Studio who then suggested the very talented producer Jon Cobert for the album project.  Ken is thrilled to finally have recorded the songs he's written throughout his life and finally released his debut album, Make A Difference!  He launched a Kickstarter artist funding campaign to help with his dream which was also successful, thanks to family, friends, and new fans.  Ken's hope is to inspire others to follow their dreams and to let people know, age is only a number, you need to go for it.  The world wants to see your gifts and value and yes, the world is your oyster! 
Presently, Ken has reunited with European producer Roland Rand to co-write "Love Has Taken You Away" as well as the newly released "Right To Love" found on most all streaming venues and YouTube.  Don't forget to like or leave comments... they are appreciated!  Thanks for listening.


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